Chanel Reducing Entry-Level Pricing? It’s Still RM19k

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Chanel has had multiple price increases since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world. Most of their “classic” items have increased by more than double. Mind you, their handbag pricing were from RM20,000 in 2019, and now it’s RM40,000 for the same exact classic handbag. 

However, a YouTuber that keeps up with the French luxury brand has observed that their new seasonal pieces can cost as low as £3,600. That is still a whopping RM19,600 and it’s surprising that we are conditioned to think that this is “affordable” for Chanel. 

Their “cheapest” items would be card holders, which again is still one of the most expensive ones currently on the market priced from RM2,000 and above. It is unclear if Chanel is actually losing their customer base or if they felt “generous” to offer bags at a lower price. 

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