SPR Can Call Off Elections If Flood Worsens

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The outgoing PM Ismail Sabri Yaakob says it is up to the electoral commission to call off the upcoming general election if the north-east monsoon brings massive floods to the country.

“If major floods occur to the extent of preventing people from going out (to vote), then I will discuss with the EC to see if there are alternatives,” Bernama says.

“We will discuss with Met Malaysia (Malaysian Meteorological Department), the Disaster Management Committee, and the EC can also give its views. It is up to the EC if it wants to stop the election,” he says while speaking to the media.

Call Off Elections

Call Off Elections
SPR Can Call Off Elections If Flood Worsens

MET has warned that Malaysia risks a flood situation that may start by the middle of the month and urged the authorities not to hold elections during that period. But some were so adamant to dissolve the Parliament now they say can call off elections?

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