When A 2020 Haunted Chalet Video Resurfaces

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Roger Lau, a former police officer in Singapore says he has an eye for ghosts after seeing them at a haunted chalet, incidents that he recalled in an interview on TikTok’s Supernatural Confessions.

In the first-person recounting of the supernatural occurrences, Roger Lau says he once saw a girl aged 13 or 14, wearing white pyjamas with a bit of a blood stain, standing by a tree.

When he turned to take a look again, the girl, whose face he could not see but had hollowed-out eyes, was gone. He then turned one more time, and lo and behold, the girl was staring at him through the car window.

Haunted Chalet Video

Haunted Chalet
a Haunted Chalet and ghosts that looks at people – photo: Wiki

In another anecdote, Lau said he once saw a man dressed in distinctive Chinese clothing trying to enter the grounds of a cemetery along Victoria Street using a metal gate. More haunted chalet videos? Check TikTok.

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