Farid Kamil Set To Star As Anwar Ibrahim In Upcoming Movie? 

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Not many Malaysian politicians would have an actual movie that was based on them. There were former Prime Ministers that featured in some movies but overall, most politicians aren’t in Malaysian popular culture. However, there will be a movie set about Anwar Ibrahim. 

Farid Kamil, the handsome actor will be portraying the Pakatan Harapan leader. The title of the film will be “Jalan masih panjang.” Tun Mahathir would also be portrayed in the movie, best guess is that it would be about the whole 1990s drama between the two political giants. 

The replies under the tweet were full of Anwar Ibrahim supporters stating that he will win the upcoming General Elections. “Hidup Farid Kamil sama dengan Anwar Ibrahim,” said a netizen. 

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