Are you into the Sing-A-Long Political Campaign?

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After the several major whacking Barisan Nasional has been getting on social media for their questionable political campaign and for their controversial statements, they decided to do a sing-a-long. Zahid Hamidi’s daughter Nurul is at the forefront of this. 

Netizens are accusing this specific person for causing the heavy typhoon due to her singing. It is a saying in Malaysia that if someone sings badly, there will be heavy rain to stop the person from singing.

Political Campaign

“Undi BN rakyat senang,” said a meme. The rakyat’s comeback is, “saya miskin sejak BN lagi.” However, the singing lady (Nurul) received compliments on her glowing skin and youthful looks for her age. 

Political campaign
Image from Twitter.

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