Anwar Again Says Confident PH Can Win Simple Majority

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Anwar Ibrahim once again said he is confident the PH can win a simple majority in the Nov 19 General Election while a Merdeka Center Opinion Research from Nov 5-8 says PH PH is the preferred coalition to run the federal government.

“Who said we are not expected? Well, I don’t know whether analysts have gone down to the ground. I have covered almost the entire country and I must say, realistically, there is a possibility that we may be able to reach a simple majority. We just have to work a bit harder and push a bit more,” says Anwar.

Merdeka Center says slightly over one-third of West Malaysians believe PH is winning and that Mr Anwar is also the preferred choice for prime minister though there is growing support for PN among Malay voters aged 18-20.

PH can win

Ph Can Win
Anwar says PH can win simple majority – Photo: Twitter

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