Luxury Lovers Calling For Chanel Boycott 

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Chanel is known for their most recent price increases and quality decline. Apparently, it is rumoured that they might be sold to LVMH. Allegedly, luxury lovers are accusing the brand’s current owners of wanting to maximise profits by doing what they’ve been doing these past few years. 

Furthermore, a YouTuber stated that if anyone walks in a Chanel store expecting their classic black handbag, you’d be mistaken. Now they have implemented a policy similar to Hermes’ Birkin and Kelly quota style. She has called for a boycott against the French luxury brand.

On top of that, the sales associates allegedly told one of the YouTuber’s friends that if she wanted the “quota” bag, she would need to spend on Chanel’s ready-to-wear. Mind you, Chanel’s clothes depreciate in value and cost significantly more than their already overpriced handbags. 

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