Working with the Young Generation: The Acting Your Wage Movement

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ACTING YOUR WAGE is the latest trend causing a stir among young workers. The principle behind this trend is to do only what you are paid to do at your workplace. According to reports, the trend began in 2020 with 27-year-old TikToker Stephanie Hannes speaking about her professional life and the challenges she faces. On Tik Tok, which is a popular social media network among young people, the #actyourwage hashtag has received more than 110 million views!

With computers, smartphones, and social media, this generation has grown up with technology. As the first digital natives, they have different expectations than their older colleagues. Since many millennials return home to their parents after college and switch jobs frequently, they are also known as the “boomerang generation.”

For those who think millennials are unmotivated, spoiled whiners, think again. Although millennials want a different work experience than previous generations, your ideas and leadership can still inspire them. They are growing up in an uncertain world where climate change is a reality, not a myth. The question is, how can you connect with younger employees and help them feel part of the team?

It is common for millennials to receive rewards for doing well in school, but many workplaces do not offer promotions. The most talented and brightest young talent may leave your company if you don’t provide a regular advancement path. Although you don’t need to provide an exact plan for each employee, you should be able to say what it takes to advance.

The “Acting Your Wage” trend encourages leaders, companies, and businesses to support
employees of all ages, promote a healthy work-life balance, hire multigenerational
employees, develop them, and retain them. The younger generation’s needs and
expectations must be met if you want to attract and retain top talent.

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