Netizens Want Jeon Jung-Kook To Win The World Cup 

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A K-Pop star, Jeon Jung-Kook was filmed doing football manoeuvres, and his fans went wild over it. At only 25-years-old, he is the youngest member of world renown K-Pop group, BTS. The amount of fans he has is impressive. 

Netizens are stating that he should win the World Cup with the moves he has. Honestly, he does pack a few punches with his football manoeuvres. Fans are stating that he looks extremely cute while doing these moves. 

Jeon Jung-Kook’s female fans reaction

Female fans in particular claimed that their ovaries “exploded” when they saw him doing it. Others are encouraging fans to vote for him in a popularity award. Many are saying that he is a precious celebrity, and to back them up, he is not controversial in any other way in contrast to western celebrities. 

Jeon Jung-Kook
Image of Jeon Jung-Kook, from Wikipedia.

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