Voters Please Make Sure Your Voting Paper Has No Stains! 

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There has been talks going all over social media alleging some political parties aiming to cheat their way to a win. Sometimes these things may also be simply an accident, but it is alleged that if your voting paper stamp is wet, it might stain the sheet and thus disqualifying your vote. 

Warning on the sensitivity of the voting paper

Unfortunately, it has happened a number of times and now netizens are warning one and another about it. This is important as for any political party you are voting for, an opposing member of that party can contest against your vote due to the stains. 

Netizens also advised others, if you see stains on the paper, it is best to request for newer ones. Furthermore, the stains from the ink on your finger which proved you voted can also be another disruption. 

Voting Paper
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