Australia: The First 3D Pedestrian Crossings Installed

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The 3D pedestrian crossings, a collaboration between Transport for NSW and Northern Beaches Council, are made up of several distinct white oblong strips that resemble standard zebra or pedestrian crossings. However, each strip has grey shading surrounding it to simulate virtual “shadows.”

They appear as raised rectangular prisms as a result, like a grid of white boxes scattered across the road. The crossings appear to hover above the road to approaching cars. The optical illusion, however, only appears three-dimensional to pedestrians who are crossing them from one direction.

3D Pedestrian Crossings

The purpose of these 3D crossings is to test whether drivers are more likely to stop when the pedestrian markings appear to rise above the road.

3D pedestrian crossings
Contractors melt the 3D strips onto the tinted road surface. Screen Grab from Alec Smart

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