Netizens on Twitter Criticising Perikatan Nasional 

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Perikatan Nasional is competing neck and neck with Pakatan Harapan for the most seats in this upcoming election. Barisan Nasional as we all know, is barely launching any substantial campaign to fight these two mega parties. 

Netizen’s viewpoint on Perikatan Nasional 

The original poster claimed that a number of these parliamentary members did nothing much for the “kampungs” while simultaneously getting high salaries for their positions. There were numerous acquisitions towards Rina Harun as well. 

Furthermore, conservatives in Malaysia dislike Pakatan Harapan for only one reason. The reason is DAP. DAP on the other hand, does not portray themselves in a positive light as well, they were boiled in some controversies lately. 

Perikatan Nasional
Muhyddin Yasin, leader of Perikatan Nasional

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