Split In PN: Muhyiddin Versus Takiyuddin

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Ex-PM TS Muhyiddin Yassin, who is the PN candidate for prime minister, said their “main enemy” is BN and it was “open war” between the two coalitions but he is now contradicted by his own coalition partner the PAS after Takiyuddin Hassan, the secretary general said PN is considering working together with BN to form a government after the upcoming general election.

Polling reports suggest PN may win more seats than BN but if they join forces and get the support of GPS from Sarawak, they will beat PH to the post and form the next government.

Split in PN

In a series of tweets on Nov. 15, Muhyiddin says Takiyuddin has “no authority” to negotiate with BN for the purpose of forming a government. He also said PN is contesting the election without having to ally with either BN or PH. What a split in PN.

Split in PN
Muhyiddin and Takiyuddin split in PN

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