Anwar Ibrahim Gathered More Crowds

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Anwar Ibrahim gathered more crowds, with a few thousand braving the rain at the finale of the former deputy premier’s nationwide tour in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday braving the rain to hear his speeches and mark their presence at the Pakatan Harapan rallies.

Nevertheless, much of the PRU15 campaign is being fought online just like in 2018, but this time TikTok has also played a role where leaders like Rafizi Ramli are always campaigning and the PN’s 75-year-old chief Muhyiddin Yassin’s dance moves have gone viral.

Anwar Ibrahim Leads

Channels like TikTok help to reach voters from 18 to 21 years of age and the parties are hoping this will tilt the balance in the run-up to the elections tomorrow.

Most opinion polls have opposition leader Anwar’s PH in the lead with at least 95 to 100 seats but as we know this is still short of a simple majority of MPs. Now we got to wait and see how the undecided voters cast their votes on Nov 19.

Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar Ibrahim Gathered More Crowds – Photo: Facebook Anwar Ibrahim

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