Joe Biden’s America: Learning Woke Culture in Science Classes 

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Many right wingers in Joe Biden‘s United States have complained that the university education in the country is somewhat going down. Some are even stating that in Mathematics classes, students are supposed to learn about LGBT rights and Black history, which has nothing to do with the two latter. 

Joe Biden’s WOKE America 

Is it really “woke” or is it another form of political agendas? A minority woman complained that her Mathematical course is now filled with this agenda. University staff are telling her that she is oppressed when she claims that she isn’t. 

“I don’t think I’m a victim”, American universities be like: “if you aren’t a victim then get out.“ This was stated by a netizen. Another netizen commented something similar which is: 

Universities: “We need more people like you,.” 

Minority Student: “I’m not a victim. Just teach me math.”

Universities: “We don’t need you. Get out.”

Joe Biden
Joe Biden and his political rival Donald Trump, image from Wikipedia.

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