Netizens Compare PH,PN and BN’s Political Campaigns 

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As we all know, the whole of Malaysia will be going through their democratic process, which is to vote for our next Prime Minister. However, there are a lot that has been going on, and a netizen did a comparison on what was the key importance of these political campaigns

The Political Campaigns 

For PH the netizen mentioned that they have spoken about a 5 year plan governing our country. For BN, they simply talked about not wanting Anwar Ibrahim as their Prime Minister and PN’s strategy is to talk about how the minorities in this country will strive for power if they do not win. 

Netizens somewhat agree and disagree at the same time. Some are claiming that PH also does smear campaigns against Zahid Hamidi and that BN has talked about their 5 year plan. Others claimed that BN and PN have no concrete basis for their campaigns, however, that is for you to decide tomorrow. 

political campaign
Image of a Pakatan Harapan political campaign poster, from Wikipedia.

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