Rishi Sunak, British PM Seen Wearing Indonesian Batik 

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The famous Prime Minister from Britain, Rishi Sunak has done many firsts. Namely being the first non-European origin Prime Minister for the country. Hopes are high for him to save the Conservatory party in England as his peer, Liz Truss resigned just 40 days after being in power. 

Rishi Sunak’s shirt 

Apparently he was caught wearing the traditional Indonesian shirt which is called the Batik. Some of the British people criticised his outfit choice, only to get backlash by the Indonesians for critiquing their national clothes. 

Netizens stated that Indonesians would typically fight with each other for small reasons, similar to Malaysian netizens. However, again similar to Malaysian netizens, they too would unite if a European person criticises their respective countries. 

Rishi Sunak.
Image of the UK’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak. From Wikipedia.

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