YouTuber Trisha Paytas Convinced Her Child Is Queen Elizabeth II 

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Not many Malaysians will know who Trisha Paytas is. She is a successful YouTuber who has a few million subscribers on the platform and is considered to be a veteran for YouTube. She has been known to troll the internet for years. 

What did Trisha Paytas do?

Recently, Trisha Paytas made a TikTok video describing that she wants her child to remember her life in Buckingham Palace. One of the reasons why she says such things is because the baby was born during the time of the Queen’s passing. 

Netizens were laughing at the statement, they know it’s just a simple joke. Others were making fun of the baby’s potential English accent by commenting “chewsday” a parody of the word Tuesday that is used to mock the British accent. 

Trisha Paytas
Image of Trisha Paytas on YouTube.

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