Memes Ready For Who Wins The General Elections

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This general elections has been one of the strangest and toughest one for the country. This is due to the fact that there are three major parties instead of the standard two which is more common world wide. Namely, they are Pakatan Harapan, Perikatan Nasional and Barisan Nasional.

This crafty netizen decided to have internet memes ready for whoever wins this general election. It is to no surprise that a number of memes will actually come out regardless of who wins the election. Among Gen-Zs and Millennials, memes are one of the major communicating languages for them.

Who wins this General Elections

However, the netizen claimed that they have no actual memes and that it’s actually a joke. We will just have to wait and see who wins and what memes that will come out of it.

General Election
Flags of Malaysian political parties for this general elections. Image from Wikipedia.

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