Netizens Frustrated With Election Results 

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It comes to no surprise that when three major parties decided to contest against each other for our 15th general election, the election results will be different from everyone’s expectations. There are rumours that Perikatan Nasional will goven the country by forming a coalition with other parties. 

Election Results 

As we know, Pakatan Harapan has the largest minority seats in the country now, at 82 seats. Perikatan Nasional has 73 seats. It was announced that GRS and GPS would work together with them, but that brings them a grand total of 101 seats. Still not enough to cover the 112 minimum seats required. 

It is unclear if Barisan Nasional will choose to either forge a new friendship with Pakatan Harapan, or proceed to join Perikatan Nasional to form a majority government. Netizens are upset at the fact that Pakatan Harapan already has the most voted seats but is not even considered to lead. 

Election Results

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