PAS Is The Biggest Party In Malaysia

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In an extraordinary twist of fate, the Parti Islam Se Malaysia emerged as the biggest party in Malaysia after the murky PRU15 that saw two alliances winning almost the same number of seats but unable to govern on their own.

The PAS won 44 seats in what should be their first-ever major haul of seats in history, thus becoming the biggest political formation in Malaysia followed by the DAP which has so far won 40 seats. There are still 3 seats to be decided soon to make up for the 222 seats in the Parliament.

With this big success, the PAS could claim the post of Prime Minister since Bersatu, their partner in the Perikatan Nasional alliance won only 28 seats. However, it appears the PAS is backing TS Muhyiddin Yassin as the potential PM. No government is formed yet, but this should be settled within the next few hours.

Biggest Party

The PKR of Anwar Ibrahim won 31 seats, Umno 26, which is 2 lesser than the Bersatu. The other parties with a large number of seats are GPS 22, Amanah (from PH) 8 and GRS 6.

biggest party
The PAS with 44 seats is the biggest party in Malaysia

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