PN-GPS-GRS Have 101 Seats. BN Not Sure Backing PN

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To form a new government the PN of Muhyiddin Yassin needs at least 112 seats and to get that number he needs backing from GPS-GRS and Barisan Nasional but he says he only have the backing of GPS and GRS so far, which means he only has 101 seats for the moment.

101 Seats Not Enough

BN has 30 seats which will make it 131 if they join PN-GPS-GRS but BN is still holding internal discussions and did not make any declaration that is supports Muhyiddin as PM.

On the other hand, PH is still in talks with BN, sources say though the chances for Anwar Ibrahim to form a new government are slim at the moment.

101 Seats
PN-GPS-GRS Have 101 Seats. BN Not Sure Backing PN

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