Who Will Win The Race To Putrajaya

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Both the PN and PH are in a tight race to Putrajaya but PN seems to be more active in causing rukus on the internet on its chances to win this race while the PH and Anwar Ibrahim is silent after making a statement they got a majority in the early hours of the morning.

Since then, PN is battling hard to win the race and to stop PH and Anwar from governing the country so far, PN has secured the support of the GPS and GRS with the Sarawak coalition imposing expected conditions to join such an alliance and is the respect of the Perjanjian Malaysia 1963 among others.

The Race Against PH

Meanwhile, every single other party have clearly or through some statements from their members that they do not want to ally with PH. The main reason is that PH is dominated by DAP. DAP has 40 seats, PKR 31, Amanah 8. They are the major parties.

The race
The race to Putrajaya or the race against PH?

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