GPS’ Tiong King Sing Hints They Will Go Where BN Goes

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FMT tweeted that Tiong King Sing hinted that they will choose to follow Barisan Nasional with whoever they align with. Previously, GPS had a list of very strict demands and wanted to join Perikatan Nasional. Now the wind is changing after two days of not having a Prime Minister in our country.   

Tong King Sing

Netizens are surprised at the sudden suggestion. Most are frustrated with the situation saying that BN joining Harapan still has opposition towards it. Furthermore, likewise can be said about the other option which is Perikatan Nasional. 

“GPS kata u-turn sebab ada roadblock,” said a netizen. Criticisms towards the party were heavily mentioned as netizens claimed that they have no back-bone of their own. 

Tong King Sing
Image of Tong King Sing, from Wikipedia.

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