Jackie Kennedy’s Iconic Chanel Suit Would Cost RM65k Today 

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The former first lady of the United States, Jackie Kennedy is commonly known for her iconic pink Chanel suit that was covered in her husband’s blood. It is etched in American history and the brand Chanel will forever be linked to the former first lady. 

The Chanel Suit 

Chanel Suit
The items that total up to RM65,240

The suit was designed by Chanel, however, back in 1963, the United States was particular on what the first lady would wear. It was actually made by Chez Ninon, but the fabrics and accessories were shipped by Coco Chanel from France. 

We couldn’t find the exact pieces used by the former first lady on the current Chanel website. However, similar items like the jacket would cost RM45,400, the skirt would be RM14,390 and the hat would be around RM5,450. That would total to RM65,240. 

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