Mat Sabu is at PWTC

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It is on, a PH-BN alliance is in the making after Mat Sabu the leader of the Amanah party was seen at the PWTC today morning while Ahmad Maslan was speaking to the media.

In a video posted by CNA’s correspondent to Kuala Lumpur the focus is suddenly on Mat Sabu who arrives at the Umno’s headquarters and when media asked him whether only Umno leader Zahid Hamidi is in favour of a PH-BN alliance, he says, “Everything ask Anwar,” and he walks into the building.

Meanwhile, all Umno MPs are urged to meet with their chairman Zahid at Seri Pacific this morning.

The deal ironed is said to be along these lines:

  1. PM – Anwar Ibrahim – PH
  2. TPM – Tok Mat – BN
  3. DUN Pahang – MB BN
  4. DUN Perak – MB PH
  5. Jam 10am hari ini – Anwar & UMNO di Hotel Pacific PWTC

“Maka dengan ini pembentukan kerajaan selesai dengan pakatan PH dan BN. Kita boleh dan stabilkan negara,” says the message.

Cadangan PH yg dipersetujui Zahid Hamidi:

PM: Anwar Ibrahim PKR
TPM 1: Mat Hassan BN
TPM 2: Shafie Afdal WARISAN (Sabah Sarawak)

Mat Sabu At PWTC

mat sabu
mat sabu seen at PWTC

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