The Horrors of Victorian London’s Poor 

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One of the reasons why we should count our blessings to be born in today’s world is that having clean safe water, no weird smelling air and medical advancements are at its prime. This is a stark contrast to Victorian London’s pauper way of life. 

Victorian London’s homeless 

Apparently, to cope with the excessive amount of homeless people in the city, the salvation army started a “charity” where they can pay one penny to stay in a warm hall for the night. They’re called the “penny sit-ups.” No, you’re not allowed to even fall asleep while staying in them for the night. 

It is sad to see how people were treated back then, and it is a constant reminder for us to make sure we would elect the correct and proper leaders to ensure our livelihoods are met. Fortunately, it is still hard to turn back to those days, but a couple of wrong moves, we might just end up there again. 

Victorian London's
Image of the Four Penny “coffin” sleepers, from Wikipedia.

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