Why Not PH?

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Why do no other political parties, from semenanjung to Sabah, Sarawak say or show that they are not willing to work with PH, the gabungan that won the most votes, that is 5.8 million votes? Here are three proven reasons.

“70 menteri dengan gagi RM70,000 sebulan, tetapi telur pun tak boleh jaga!” Yeah, with PH as a partner, no such thing as 70 Cabinet Ministers earning fat salaries but skipping Parliament seatings.

Why Not PH? Reason No 2

Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of the PH does not hate people and does not profess hatred as part and parcel of politics. “Saya Sayang orang Malaysia, sebab itu orang Malaysia sayang saya balik.” No hatred, no religious attacks, only Fairplay.


PH was built on the basis of a no-corruption society but we all know what the biggest partner in PN says about corruption. “PH does not tolerate corruption.” So Why Not PH?

Why Not PH?
Why Not PH?

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