What If Anwar Ibrahim Is Opposition Leader? No Bueno For BN Anyways

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Kazi Mahmood
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Barisan Nasional has pulled out from Pakatan Harapan, after discussing the deal yesterday. However, if Perikatan Nasional can prove that they have more seats when combined with GRS and GPS, that could mean that Muhyiddin would become a minority Prime Minister. 

Anwar Ibrahim opposition leader

After Ismail Sabri’s tweet, it appears that BN has pulled out from their initially proposed cooperation. However, if that happens, Anwar Ibrahim will be the leading opposition leader in the country, which means that anything that has to do with opposition, BN would have to sit quietly and listen to Anwar Ibrahim anyways.  

The full irony of the situation is that, wouldn’t it be better for BN to enjoy the fruits of the labour of being in government. Now, they rather hand the golden platter to their “enemy” Muhyiddin Yassin. 

Image of Anwar Ibrahim. from Wikipedia.
Image of Anwar Ibrahim. from Wikipedia.

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