Vegans Are Mocked Again on Twitter

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Vegans do not have a nice rap sheet when it comes to netizens on the internet. World wide, most people hate vegans collectively due to their nature of forcing others to join cult-like lifestyle diets. Furthermore, should we talk about these “vegan influencers” proudly displaying their dead animal skin Chanel leather bags?

A Vegans nightmare 

A Twitter user posted a video of YouTuber Nikocado, who is definitely NOT a vegan, but apparently to some that is how the typical vegan behaves. They claimed that if a vegan accidentally bites their tongue, they will react in a crazy manner (it’s not like they don’t already do that as it is). 

Another netizen posted a meme of a vegan and a cow fighting for grass. These are the recurring jokes that vegans have to endure. Furthermore, others categorised Nikocado as similar to YouTuber Trisha Paytas. 

Image from Twitter.

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