Our Prime Minister’s Funny Response To “Ayam Gunting” Prices

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Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who is our 10th Prime Minister recently replied to a Twitter quote tweet asking the Prime Minister to reduce the prices of “ayam gunting.” This past year, there was a price increase on a number of goods due to inflation. 

The Prime Minister’s response 

Anwar Ibrahim replied with a funny response saying, “kurangkan-cholesterol.” Netizens went wild with his reply as we would rarely see a Prime Minister humbly responding to his citizens. The netizen then responded with “kurangkan ayam gunting lebihkan cekodok.” 

The replies ranged with others complaining about tol prices. There were jokes that the toll prices are not cholesterol related but blood pressure related. Regardless of what is being talked about, it is quite refreshing to see a Prime Minister openly conversing with people on social media. 

Funny Response

Funny Response
Image of our 10th Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, from Wikipedia.

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