FINALLY The KLCC LRT Escalators Are Fixed 

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It has been more than two years since the escalators on the underground way from KLCC to Avenue K have broken down. Only towards the end of 2022 is when the escalators have been fixed. There were debates whether the machinery is the responsibility of Rapid KL or KLCC’s management. 

KLCC LRT Escalators are FIXED

Repair works started in September 2022 by the KLCC management stated by the original poster. There were netizens claiming that walking on the escalators will make them prone to breakdown, however others fought back stating that developed nations actually encourage their citizens to walk on them. 

There were sarcastic jokes towards political parties stating that it is magically DAP’s fault for it to start working. Other netizens stated that this country will succeed if it is run by honest and sincere politicians. 

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