Bank Negara’s time travel collage of Anwar rocks

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Kazi Mahmood
UX/UI Designer at - Adobe

Bank Negara Malaysia posted a time travel collage showing Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim arriving at the central bank for a meeting yesterday and it was accompanied by another picture dated 27 July 1992 (left picture), when then Finance Minister and deputy PM Anwar visited the bankers.

On the picture, the bankers wrote:

Time travel collage


Then and Now:

Finance Minister visits Bank Negara Malaysia

The 10th Prime Minister and Finance Minister, Dato’ Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim during his official visit to Bank Negara Malaysia on 27 July 1992 (left) and 15 December 2022 (right).

Awesome picture! Anwar’s reply below is again, awesome!

time travel collage
time travel collage of Anwar Ibrahim at the Bank Negara

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