Comic Fiesta Overcrowding At KLCC 

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Comic fans who paid for their tickets complained of a poorly organised event as they had to queue outside in multiple lines, some lines were also created by the attendees as well. Fans are complaining to the organisers for not setting a proper designated area for those attending and that pre-purchased tickets should have been handled better.

Overcrowding at KLCC

There were some comic fans that would be happier if there were staff at the end of the line to inform them on where they should queue. Furthermore, it was stated that the tickets were already sold out, but many who wanted to purchase last minute tickets were not told that they were sold out. 

It went to a point where even the Suria KLCC management thought it best to lock the doors to the park. The mall management apparently wanted to avoid having the comic fans queuing in their luxury shopping mall. 

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