#UNDI18 betrayed PH, Got PN more votes

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According to analysts from Singapore, PN received more votes because Undi 18 actually betrayed PH. See the reasons:

UNDI18, which was thought to be a very pro-PH move, became a super PN winner because many young people are dumb about PM Anwar Ibrahim’s struggle during the “reformasi” period and how it changed Malaysia.

According to analysts, many first-time young voters recognised only Mr Muhyiddin because he was the prime minister who handled the Covid-19 crisis.

TikTok too betrayed PH

Cantik misi UNDI18

During the election campaign, TikTok influencers, Ustaz, reversed the trend in favour of PN, crediting the message from PN for winning many young voters. Furthermore, young voters’ support for PN may be a protest vote against UMNO’s corruption.

Total youth betrayed PH

Next time PH do something drastic to change Malaysia, study the data and analyse if it will bring good for the coalition or bad for the country just like #UNDI18 did.

betrayed PH
#UNDI18 betrayed PH, Got PN more votes

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