Unifi Internet Speed Problems 

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A netizen was recently complaining about Unifi’s internet speed problems, they claim that Unifi promotes a 300 Mbps network, but they’re getting only 60 Mbps regularly. Furthermore, they added that they are paying RM212 a month for 10 years of their service, and were complaining that there’s nothing extra for loyal customers. 

Unifi internet speed 

Others stated that Time’s internet speed is better as they got 1 Gbps for only RM150 a month, and recommended that the original poster changed their network. Others claimed that the user should call Unifi’s excellent support service for more information. 

Recommendations on changing the router have also popped up as a device ages, it tends to get slower. There was also strong support for Maxis’ home fibre internet as a netizen claimed that it could reach 500 Mbps. 

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