PM Anwar Ibrahim Recommended To Use Made In Malaysia Bufori Car

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It is already known that some of our Ministers are using made in Malaysia cars for their official duty. However, this netizen advised the Prime Minister to use this luxury car brand, Bufori which has origins in Australia but is currently based in Kuala Lumpur. 

Bufori Made in Malaysia 

This luxury car brand has its origins from the late 1980s and has now gained traction as a luxury car maker. It seems that they have positive reviews on their craftsmanship and are comparable to Bentlys and Rolls Royce. The starting price however is unclear, but internet searches show that they might start at RM1.4 million. 

It is quite pricey for a made in Malaysia car, but regardless of it all, the quality is guaranteed. Furthermore, their designs are inspired by the 1930s American cars, which will definitely be a unique piece on the road. 

Netizens are questioning why can’t Anwar Ibrahim use a simple car such as a Honda Accord or a Toyota. However, as a statesman, it wouldn’t be peculiar to use a car that was made in his country along with the brand that associates itself with elegance. 

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