Takiyuddin: Number Of Parliament Members Supporting Anwar Unclear

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Yet another remark from the Perikatan Nasional members, who are the opposition party this time around where Takiyuddin stated that the number of parliament members supporting Anwar Ibrahim is still not definite and clear. Netizens are vehemently against his statement though. 

Takiyuddin states number of parliament members supporting Anwar Ibrahim not clear

Netizens gave PN a new nickname which is Pembangang Nasional. They are angry that PN members are still complaining even after declining to vote on Anwar Ibrahim’s role as Prime Minister. To top it all off, netizens feel that PN members are making a gimmick out of our country’s democracy. 

Another netizen questioned if PN members are coordinating with each other or not as they seem to spout out random thoughts at the most random of times. Others knew that they themselves understood that PN doesn’t have the majority vote hence it could be the reason why they declined to even vote on the matter.

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