PN MPs Openly Saying In Parliament On Plotting Sheraton 2.0

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Even after the democratic process of the rakyat votes for Pakatan Harapan and Barisan Nasional coupled with the King’s advice of merging the two parties forming a coalition government, there are some PN MPs that are openly unhappy about it. 

Sheraton 2.0? 

A Twitter netizen stated that there are PN MPs that are openly stating that they are plotting another Sheraton 2.0. Apparently PN is ready to form a government when the time comes. Netizens are visibly upset at this statement and stated that threats like these are against the law. 

Netizens also stated that these people who are wearing Islamic religious accessories should follow what Islam says and improve themselves upon their behavior. Another netizen stated that these MPs are speaking with such confidence as though they are able to do a better job for the country.

Sheraton 2.0
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