Messi or Ronaldo? Did Fifa Decide Who is The GOAT?

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With both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi having two international trophies despite a plethora of goal-scoring records and club titles, the FIFA World Cup was set as the ultimate bar to decide the GOAT debate. And the 2022 edition in Qatar was billed as their last dance.

So is the GOAT debate settled? While fans of both the legends have still been arguing over it on social media, FIFA has delivered a blunt verdict on it.

Messi the GOAT

Messi Kekal Di Barcelona Dengan Gaji Kurang 50%

“The GOAT debate is settled. The ultimate prize is now part of the collection. The legacy is complete,” the tweet read as Messi was handed the Player of the Match award in the final. Fact is he also won his first Copa America recently.

For Ronaldo, the debate should continue though this might have been his last world cup. It may also be Messi’s last world cup. But with football and these players still ‘young’ we never know!

Mbappe rising

Cristiano Ronaldo
Image of Cristiano Ronaldo, from Wikipedia.

But for Lionel’s fans, the debate is over. For us at LatestMalaysia, it is a new era that begins with Kylan Mbappe and new heroes rising.

The future of football is in good shape.

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