Man Punches a Laptop moment Hadi says ‘dah cukup jumlah’

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A video on TikTok pasted by Mahfuz Omar on his Twitter account shows a man punching a laptop the moment PAS leader Abdul Hadi Awang is heard saying ‘dah cukup jumlah’ with regards to the attempts to form a new government back in November after the PRU15.

Watch the moment Hadi is shown on the video in the laptop saying he got the numbers and the man punches the laptop while someone is heard screaming in the background.

Man Punches a Laptop

Mahfuz wrote: Bawa bertenang bang…. sabar…kan dah pecah laptop tu. Opps. Not a good act but then…the man punches a laptop out of frustration.

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Man Punches a Laptop
Man Punches a Laptop moment Hadi says ‘dah cukup jumlah’

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