Small Biz Owners Meet PM Anwar

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PM Anwar Ibrahim has an agenda to help small biz owners and he is setting the trend with curbs on what he says are difficulties the small business owners can do without.

Small Biz Owners to gain

Anwar called for an end to middlemen who monopolise business spaces and control lots at Ramadan bazaars in his speech at the National Level Traders and Small Traders Convention 2022 in Putrajaya.

Many understand that they are being impressed with even the smallest things that Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim is doing, however, many have been waiting for the chance to see him as the Prime Minister. The excitement that he is the leader of our nation is still extremely high.


He even asked the kids who took a selfie with him if they got the photo with him in it. Netizens commanded that as it shows his humility among the people. 

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Small biz owners
Small biz owners meet PM Anwar

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