FLAWS Found In Proton X70 and X50 

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The car that most Malaysians cherish, the Proton X70 and X50 has been in a number of flaws since 2020. Now, the latest issues that were found in the cars are that the door handles are falling apart. It is unclear why such a problem is occurring judging the fact that the cars are not cheap. 

Flaws found in Malaysian made cars 

This could lead to unnecessary deaths if passengers are not able to open their doors from inside if an accident occurs. Apparently, the Proton Persona also has similar issues with their car doors. Netizens claim that it is a design flaw as it breaks at the same location. 

Beauty aesthetic over design flaws? 

Netizens went on stating that the design flaws is solely due to the beautification of these door handles. Others are complaining that using the newer Proton cars are just as bad as using continental cars as spare parts are few in between, gearbox malfunctioning which would cost more than RM10,000 to fix and the spare parts prices are the same as a foreign car. 

There were also a number of netizens claiming that nowadays they’d prefer to purchase a Japanese car as they are more reliable. Furthermore, many are stating that they’d avoid Proton cars. Could this also mean that Perodua would have better sales due to all the problems Proton is facing? 

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