Malaysians Splurge On Revenge Dining Benefiting High-End Restaurants

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A Singapore-based paper observed that Malaysians are now spending ravishingly and without fear on food and drinks at high-end restaurants, calling it a revenge dining spree in celebration of the new-found freedom after the two and half years of COVID-19 menace.

Revenge Dining

Some refer to it as “revenge dining,” as people go out to eat to make up for the lost time but unexpectedly, high-end restaurants are becoming more and more popular despite inflationary pressures and economic difficulties, says the paper.

The paper says according to some observers, Malaysians are spending more money on leisure because they might feel they saved money when businesses had to close due to the pandemic.

For example, the first Gordon Ramsay Bar & Grill outside of the United Kingdom opened in Malaysia in June, and despite having prices starting at about RM100 (S$30.50) for a cheese souffle, it was completely booked through September!

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Revenge Dining
Malaysians Splurge On Revenge Dining Benefiting High-End Restaurants

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