Three Icons, One Thing In Common: Truthfulness

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Kazi Mahmood
UX/UI Designer at - Adobe

I followed these three icons for decades and I found they have a few things in common but today I am going to briefly state what I think is the main thing that makes them the GOAT of their domain.

Muhammad Ali, the boxer, was inspirational and powerful in the ring and outside the boxing ring. He changed boxing and gave it a name that is now fading but is engraved in history. He was known for his frankness and for speaking the truth.

Lady Diana, the real-life princess, died in the city of love and inspired millions across the world with her charm and simplicity. But one thing that links her a lot to the greats like Muhammad Ali was her frankness and bluntness. The truth was her motivation and it brought her down at Buckingham Palace.

Pelé, the GOAT of football is not known for telling lies or for cheating in football. He took a lot of beating on the field but earned so much respect in life and across the world that today, the world is wishing him well. The truth is better than telling lies. Pelé, Lady Diana, Muhammad Ali, they represent the people who are truthful.

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Three Icons

three icons
These three icons made their mark in history and today Pele is struggling in a hospital but one of the important things led them to where they were was the truth

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