Did Apple Peak in 2013? 

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Some may remember the year 2013 just like it was yesterday, however, pretty soon it would’ve been 10 years ago. Many claim that Apple was at the height of their game back in 2013, with the new retina Macbooks and the larger iPhones and Touch ID was just a few months away. 

Apple in 2013 

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For the most part, their aesthetics remained almost similar to what it is today. However, the prices have jumped up high, especially in Malaysia. One of the reasons for the massive price rise of Apple products in Malaysia was due to the declining Ringgit. 

Netizens state that Apple was at its peak in 2013/2014. Maybe to many, looking back, it brought back a lot of memories, hence we might be confused as to why it was better then. Some are even showing off their nearly 10 year old Macbooks that are still perfectly functioning until today. 

Statements about how Apple was a good company back then are surfacing. Accusations of Apple being a “money hungry” corporation are the norm today. However, back then, similar things were said about Apple in case many of you forgot. 

It is curious to see what Apple will be like in the 2030s. Will their iPhones look the same as they are now or will they change their phone designs and revolutionise iPhones again? 

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