Parti Bangsa Malaysia SACKS Zuraida 

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After being told to retire from politics, the Ampang politician has now been forcibly removed from her own party. Sentiments about Zuraida are still quite bitter to say the least and netizens are not too kind to her. 

Zuraida SACKED 

Netizens stated that in 2020 she left Pakatan Rakyat, and two years later she was kicked out of her own party. Many are stating that this is karma for what she has done to Pakatan Harapan. 

Others are claiming that her GLC positions are also gone. However, the comments get harsher as the tweets go on, as many are turning her into memes as we speak. Previously, the general elections in Ampang were dubbed as “the battle of the makciks” as PH had their own candidate which in the end won and took over Zuraida’s seat. 

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