From Dior Karen to KLIA Karen 

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There are a number of stories of White women who are tourists in Malaysia that have caused massive scenes, angering the local netizens. Remember last year when Karen tried to enter Dior’s boutique in KLCC and made a huge fit when the doormen did not allow her to enter due to not wearing a mask? 

White Karens anger Malaysians 

Malaysia is pretty much a welcoming country, however, visitors should keep in consideration that the locals are protective of their country. The Norwegian woman was recorded talking to a KLIA gate agent with a number of profanities. 

Netizens are not happy with tourists behaving this way. There could be some communication issues that may lead her to behave in such a way. Apparently, she was fined RM100 for her behaviour. 

A netizen claimed that some of the European tourists feel that they are superior to us. Some are even calling for Diva AA to have a screamfest with her. Others are saying that if they face a rude tourist like her they would claim to not speak English and would ask her to speak Malay. 

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