Lotus Puncak Alam Selling 30 Eggs For RM13.50 

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The egg shortage is back on repeat again in Malaysia, and netizens are visibly upset by this ordeal as it is the cheapest sustenance for us to get by. There are tweets sent out on Twitter stating that some netizens have to try multiple stores in order to get them a carton of eggs. 

Malaysia has a shortage of eggs AGAIN

Netizens are posting where the 30 carton eggs are available, most of them are not in mainstream grocers or supermarkets. Suspicions are rising that retailers or the suppliers are holding on to eggs anticipating a price increase. 

Calls for an investigation on the shortage of eggs are rising. It is up to our current government to solve this issue. Some are even joking that they saw a mamak restaurant receiving a few cartons of eggs, and they managed to buy one over from the restaurant. 

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