New Yorkers Complain Uber Helicopter Cheaper Than Car

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New York City is one of the most densely populated cities on earth. Getting an Uber (or in Malaysia, Grab) must be quite difficult as the traffic jams there must be awful. Similar to Kuala Lumpur, good luck getting Grab at a fair price in the middle of the city during rush hour. 

Are Uber helicopter rides cheaper than car rides? 

Apparently the netizen who posted that tweet is from Queens, a suburb in New York, slightly further away from the bustling city centre to their main airport, JFK. The helicopter ride is literally US$20 cheaper than the car ride. Some even claim to have taken the helicopter ride and said that it is worth it. 

Another user claimed that they wanted to use the helicopter service just to land on someone’s driveway. One user claimed that it is a 20 minute walk and that it’s a waste of money to even take the helicopter. 

However, little do they know that if you were to walk from JFK airport to downtown Manhattan, it would take five hours. American cities are built far apart, similar to Malaysian cities. 

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